Environmental Safety & Health Manager-Aiken, SC

Posted: Jun 28, 2017

Position Title:         Environmental Safety & Health Manager

Location:                 Aiken, SC Area

Reports To:             VP Human Resources

Department:              Human Resources


  • The Environmental Safety & Health Manager is responsible for Safety & Environmental Management across an Operations group comprised of approximately 600 employees in the Aiken, SC area as well as other remote locations in the US.
  • Position will coordinate with other client locations such as one located in the UK.
  • This position reports to the VP Human Resources and will be based in the Aiken, SC.
  • Overnight travel may be required.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Development and implementation of safety & environmental procedures, policies, and training congruent with the Company’s safety pyramid and dashboard
  • Manages Workers Compensation claims and return-to-work
  • Review all Kaizen activity and is an active “approver” for all standard work Kaizens to ensure work design is compliant with safety standards
  • Design and implement safety leadership training for Supervisory and Value Stream Leaders across the business
  • Conduct daily walkthrough of each value stream
  • Conduct and coordinate safety & environmental inspections
  • Lead the investigation of accidents and injuries; prepare material for hearings and insurance investigations
  • Coordinate emergency response procedures, coordinate with others on security practices
  • Maintain and update Material Safety Data Sheets and train employees in their use
  • Maintain OSHA logs and prepare reports to agencies
  • Prepare and report accident statistics
  • Audit Forklift Inspection sheets for accuracy and ensure maintenance work orders are submitted for any repairs; maintain inspection sheets for 12 months
  • Oversee TOPS [Together Observations Promote Safety] program—develop, implement, ensure success
  • Oversee Hearing Conservation program and hearing exams
  • Communication with employees/promote safety via biweekly Safety Toolbox Talks
  • Work with community (Fire Department, County, Savannah River Site) for Hazmat and Hazwoper program and compliance
  • Attend daily Operations Staff meetings


Measures of Success

  • Year over year reduction in accident and incident frequency
  • Year over year reduction in Workers Compensation costs
  • Necessary skill base in place for fabrication and assembly; positions business to deliver on SQDC targets
  • Successful design and implementation of policies, procedures and training pertaining to achieving green status in the Company’s safety dashboard.
  • Successful internal audit review each of concerning the progress made in Environmental Safety & Health management.
  • Successful pass of an OSHA audit at any time; minimal disruption to business as a result of any audit or citation
  • Positive employee engagement observable through workforce survey and culture assessments
  • Observable safety and HR leadership across the operations leadership team; leaders practice policy and are aware of the legal obligations


Qualifications and Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree required;
  • 3+ years Environmental Safety & Health experience in manufacturing preferred
  • OSHA ISHM certification or CSHM certification preferred
  • Environmental certification CEP preferred




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